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The Penguins of Dubai

Here at St Anton Chalets, we do like a story about cute animals. In this case, we’re talking about the first king penguin born in the Middle East. Don’t worry if you felt the need to double check that; I did too. 
A king penguin has been born in the Middle East. 
Before you conjure up images of the Penguins of Madagascar dressed like Lawrence of Arabia, we’re not talking about a desert penguin here.

The Curious Case of the Austrian Smoking Ban

It’s getting difficult to remember exactly how it felt to enter a bar or a club only to be immediately choked out again due to heavy cloud of smoke that comes from a hundred cigarettes.

Get Jumping with the Acrobag Progression Tour!

Ever been on a ski holiday, and stumbled across an airbag? They’re huge blow up cushions designed to help you learn how to freestyle.

Spotlight - 1597

As we all know, St Anton is one of those resorts that will always be popular. It’s got some of the best skiing this side of paradise and the sort of night life that has long since passed rocking and slid straight into legend.

All about Avalanches

Everyone knows that avalanches are a hazard that comes hand in hand with skiing; ski resorts spend millions to reduce the risk every year, and yet somehow they always manage to sneak through the cracks. What you may not necessarily be aware of though, is that the risks tend to increase in years when the season has seen a slow start, varied temperatures and less snow than normal.
What? I hear you ask.

Return Rant: Gadgets

You might have noticed recently that we at St Anton Chalets have decided to expose our internal ire towards the outdated opinions seen in the Telegraph Ski Rants.

The White Ring

As most skiers know, the Arlberg ski area is never short of activities for the discerning skier to occupy themselves with during their week in the Alps. One of the more recent Arlberg traditions is the White Ring Race; it was established in 2006, and since then, has become a season staple.

St Anton – Top of the Pile for Resort Hotels

Hotel comparison site Trivago has collected data on 140 million hotels in order to rate customer satisfaction across ski resorts. As is entirely expected from the resort that serves as such a favourite for the young and cool, St Anton came in at the top of the poll, crushing all opposition like the New Zealand rugby team of ski resorts.

The Austrian Apres Face Off: St. Anton vs Ischgl

For as long as I have been skiing, Austria has been well known as the home to barn stomping, ski boot grooving après ski. The sort of après ski that it famous across the world. Right at the heart of this reputation for wildness that Austria has gained through the years are the mammoth party resorts of St Anton and Ischgl.