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British Snowboarder Defies Gravity to Land the ‘Impossible’

They said it was impossible.
An 1800 quadruple cork trick (try saying that after a few gluhweins) involves flipping four times, while the body simultaneously spins through five complete rotations. 
Many said it was completely

More Career-Breakers than Gap-Year Students Working Ski Seasons

According to ski operator Powder White, mature career breakers have taken over from young gap-year students as the largest group working across ski resorts like St.

Return Rant: Music on the Slopes

Overall, we enjoy the rants over at the Telegraph ski and snow corner of the web. It’s basically like getting a load of posh people together in a room and asking them what they hate about modern skiing. Here in the St. Anton Chalets office, every day is kind of like getting a load of ordinary snow fans in a room and asking them what they love about skiing.

Is There Snow in St. Anton?

Before we look at whether there is snow in St. Anton, let’s look at why we’re asking that in the first place. Aside from the odd anomaly year, the ski press here in the UK have a tradition of panicking us – the ski-loving general public – about a lack of snow across the Alps at this time each and every year. 
We skiers and snowboarders are a strange bunch too.

Why Nasserein Should be Your Next Ski Holiday

Until the turn of the millennium, Nasserein wasn’t exactly considered a desirable place to stay on a ski holiday in St. Anton, largely because it was difficult to reach the main ski area quickly.

What’s on in St. Anton: The 2014/2015 Winter Season Calendar

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only events in St. Anton’s winter season calendar are those relating to the notorious après-ski of the MooserWirt. However, there’s a whole host of events happening in St. Anton this 2014/2015 season with not so much as a Jagerbomb in sight.

Legendary MooserWirt Bar Opens St. Anton Ski Season

It’s the moment every snow-loving beer-swilling, Jagermeister fan has been waiting for: the self-proclaimed “baddest” après-ski bar in the world swings opens its doors to the new winter season on 4th December 2014.
The MooserWirt in St. Anton has become the epitome of Austrian après-ski action. Notorious for its table-top dancing and banging Europop tunes, the MooserWirt is an iconic part of the St. Anton experience.