Jagermeister is a herbal, bitter liqueur from Germany. The drink consists of a secret recipe including 56 ingredients, blending herbs, fruits and spices. Jager has a volume of 35% and is known for getting the drinker very intoxicated, very fast! Jagermeister is most commonly enjoyed once mixed with various other drinks. There are many recipes that have become well known amongst Jager drinkers, and we have a few popular ways to drink Jagermeister that you might like to try.

1 - Jager Bomb

The most popular way of drinking Jagermeister is to mix approximately a shot of it with an energy drink in a small mug or glass. You then down the entire contents of the mug as if it’s a shot. This is called a Jager bomb.

You might also have heard of a Jager train. This is where glasses of energy drink are lined up along the bar with shots of Jager balanced on the top. The person starting the train knocks the first shot glass into the glass of Jager and each of the shot glasses fall in with the domino effect. Everyone lined up along the bar then knocks back their Jager bomb.

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2 - The Beauty and The Beast

One for the girls, Beauty and The Beast is a shooter that’s made up of a shot of Jagermeister with a shot of pink Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur on top. This is a good one if you don’t like the taste of energy drinks but still like it sweet. A few of these and the party will be well under way!

beauty and the beast cocktal

Photo credit: cocktailsdrinkrecipes.com

3 - 24 Karat Nightmare

24 Karat Nightmare is another shooter. As you can probably tell by the name, this not a drink for lightweights! 24 Karat Nightmare consists of Jagermeister and Goldschlager, which is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps with flakes of gold floating around in it. Goldschlager is a well known shot in the Alpine ski resorts and combining it with Jager is bound to be warming to say the least!

24 Karat Nightmare

Photo credit: cocktailsdrinkrecipes.com

4 - Oatmeal Cookie

The Oatmeal Cookie shooter consists of Jager, Goldschlager, Bailey’s Irish cream, and butterscotch schnapps. Combining these 4 liqueurs is bound to create a messy night! Definitely not one for the piste-side Mooserwirt bar; You probably won’t be skiing anywhere after more than a couple of these.

Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail

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5 - Fright Night in the Grove

This drink is an interesting concoction. Fright Night in the Grove is a mix of Jager, with an aged tequila, a little grapefruit juice and some sweetener. This shot sounds like it would send a shudder down your spine! The grapefruit counts as one of your five a day, right? 

Jager fright night grove

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