Superb St Anton Ski Deals for Christmas 2015



There's no avoiding it! As the days get shorter and the last of the leaves fall from the trees, everybody’s attention inevitably turns to Christmas. Keen skiers hitting ski resorts across the Alps this festive season can look forward to days filled with snowy descents, vibrant apres-ski and the joys of being waited on by attentive chalet staff!


Why You Should Make Solden in Austria Your Next Ski Holiday

The Austrian resort of Solden may not be on the tip of people’s tongues when they think of top ski resorts across Europe, but this little gem ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect ski holiday. If you’re looking for a ski destination with plenty to keep you busy, both on and off the slopes, here’s why Solden might just be the best pick for your next ski holiday.


The Beach Boys at The Top of the Mountain in Ischgl



The Beach Boys are back, and they’re shouting it from the mountain tops this coming season by performing at the ever-popular Top of the Mountain gig in the Austrian resort of Ischgl.


Food for thought – Ski themes

It’s time to hang up those ski jackets and put on something that looks like you took fashion advice from Lady GaGa. Cameras out of bags ladies and gents! Remember to take off those lens caps!

Winter Olympics Set to Avoid Clash with World Cup


There was controversy enough when the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup went – some would say under dubious circumstances – to Qatar, but further issues have recently arisen regarding the timing of the popular international football competition.


Best Food in St Anton

St Anton is one of the best ski resorts in the entire world. Not only is St Anton known for its exceptional slopes, skiing facilities and glorious mountain scenery, this beautiful resort is also known for its legendary aprés ski. This includes not only the most vibrant and energetic clubs in Austria but also some of the greatest restaurants. These restaurants supply first class cuisine from all over the world and many of them have a childrens’ menu available, or at least offer smaller portions. Aside from the wild nightclubs; St Anton is generally a very family friendly resort.

Nightclubs in St Anton

The aprés ski nightlife in St Anton is legendary to say the least. It’s one of the main contributing factors that makes St Anton such a popular resort. The fantastic aprés ski and wild clubs match the glorious mountains and slopes, which have become so popular with skiers.

Dining Around the World in St Anton

There are many first class restaurants in St Anton. Whether you’re a pizza and pasta enthusiast, fancy a curry, or prefer traditional British dishes, there is something for everyone.

5 Ways to Drink Jager

Jagermeister is a herbal, bitter liqueur from Germany. The drink consists of a secret recipe including 56 ingredients, blending herbs, fruits and spices. Jager has a volume of 35% and is known for getting the drinker very intoxicated, very fast! Jagermeister is most commonly enjoyed once mixed with various other drinks. There are many recipes that have become well known amongst Jager drinkers, and we have a few popular ways to drink Jagermeister that you might like to try.

How to Keep Entertained if the Lifts are Closed


If you’re staying in St Anton and the lifts are closed, you might be wondering what to do to entertain yourself. Don’t worry! St Anton is a large resort with plenty to do. There are many alternative activities to skiing or boarding to get involved in when the lifts are closed. Here are just a few things you might like to consider: