The aprés ski nightlife in St Anton is legendary to say the least. It’s one of the main contributing factors that makes St Anton such a popular resort. The fantastic aprés ski and wild clubs match the glorious mountains and slopes, which have become so popular with skiers.

The Kandahar bar and restaurant has an excellent aprés ski lounge, supplying a selection of English and German papers so you can sit down and catch up with the latest news at home. The restaurant is lively, offering a friendly atmosphere. The cocktail bar and nightclub at the Kandahar has won multiple awards for its music and is often visited by international DJs. The Kandahar shows all of the main sporting events, including the Six Nations Rugby and Premier League Football matches, which can be watched around the bar and on a cinema screen. The Kandahar has been voted the best nightclub in the Alps, and is certainly worth a visit.

Kandahar Bar - Nightclub in St Anton

Kandahar Bar - Photo Credit:

The Piccadilly and the Post Kellar share the same entrance. Both are very busy and have a wild, vibrant atmosphere. Why not visit both of them? They each offer a fantastic night out. The Kellar has a central DJ station and seating all around, playing a good variety of dance music. The Piccadily is also brilliant for live music.

Another fantastic and lively nightclub is Bobo’s, which is also a restaurant serving fantastic Mexican food. The bar has wonderful and friendly staff who party with the customers until the early hours. There are many theme nights, including karaoke, live music and DJs.

We’d also recommend paying a visit to Scotty’s, which is part of the Mark Warner Club Hotel Rosanna, and is just off the main pedestrian street. Scotty’s is a lively bar serving plenty of cocktails and vodka. The staff are mainly English, and are welcoming and friendly.

In this video from Metrosnow TV you’ll see just some of the nightlife St Anton has to offer. It’s not just crowded bars where you can drink from huge glasses of beer while dancing on the table to trashy Euro beats. There’s an increasing number of sophisticated bars and clubs to explore in the evenings.

Our final recommendation is Bar Cuba, which is a hot little bar specialising in cocktails, including some of their own creations. This is a fun and popular place to visit, with live entertainment between 4pm and 7pm. The bar stays open until the early hours of the morning and has an excitable and energetic atmosphere, with self-service beer taps.