Superb St Anton Ski Deals for Christmas 2015



There's no avoiding it! As the days get shorter and the last of the leaves fall from the trees, everybody’s attention inevitably turns to Christmas. Keen skiers hitting ski resorts across the Alps this festive season can look forward to days filled with snowy descents, vibrant apres-ski and the joys of being waited on by attentive chalet staff!


Why You Should Make Solden in Austria Your Next Ski Holiday

The Austrian resort of Solden may not be on the tip of people’s tongues when they think of top ski resorts across Europe, but this little gem ticks all the boxes when it comes to the perfect ski holiday. If you’re looking for a ski destination with plenty to keep you busy, both on and off the slopes, here’s why Solden might just be the best pick for your next ski holiday.


The Beach Boys at The Top of the Mountain in Ischgl



The Beach Boys are back, and they’re shouting it from the mountain tops this coming season by performing at the ever-popular Top of the Mountain gig in the Austrian resort of Ischgl.


British Snowboarder Defies Gravity to Land the ‘Impossible’

They said it was impossible.
An 1800 quadruple cork trick (try saying that after a few gluhweins) involves flipping four times, while the body simultaneously spins through five complete rotations. 
Many said it was completely

The Penguins of Dubai

Here at St Anton Chalets, we do like a story about cute animals. In this case, we’re talking about the first king penguin born in the Middle East. Don’t worry if you felt the need to double check that; I did too. 
A king penguin has been born in the Middle East. 
Before you conjure up images of the Penguins of Madagascar dressed like Lawrence of Arabia, we’re not talking about a desert penguin here.

The Curious Case of the Austrian Smoking Ban

It’s getting difficult to remember exactly how it felt to enter a bar or a club only to be immediately choked out again due to heavy cloud of smoke that comes from a hundred cigarettes.

Red Bull Colour Run Explodes Across Reiteralm


In recent years, Red Bull has put its name to some of the most impressive extreme sports events in the world. From free-diving deep beneath the oceans and freefalling through space to world rally championships and soap-box go-karting, it seems if there’s danger and excitement to be had, Red Bull are there to help promote it.

Fire up those adrenal glands! The White Thrill is nearly here!

Hold on to your lunch and save your chocolate eggs till later ski fans, April is coming.
Each April brings with it ‘Der Weiße Rausch’ (things seem more ominous in German) or ‘The White Thrill’. Laughing in the face self-preservation, it’s a thigh melting, lung bursting, adrenal gland emptying, nerve shredding 9km downhill race, fit for competitive dads everywhere.
Hurling themselves from the highest peak in St.

10 of the worst chairlift chat up lines

On the face of it, chatting someone up on a chair or télécabin might seem like a good idea...
After all, there are no drinks they can throw on you and you can blame your furious blushing on a cold face.