St Anton is one of the best ski resorts in the entire world. Not only is St Anton known for its exceptional slopes, skiing facilities and glorious mountain scenery, this beautiful resort is also known for its legendary aprés ski. This includes not only the most vibrant and energetic clubs in Austria but also some of the greatest restaurants. These restaurants supply first class cuisine from all over the world and many of them have a childrens’ menu available, or at least offer smaller portions. Aside from the wild nightclubs; St Anton is generally a very family friendly resort.

Wine Glasses at Griabli Restaurant in St Anton

Cheering at Griabli Restaurant - Photo credit: Griabli Restaurant

The first restaurant we’d like to recommend is the Griabli, which is located next to the Mooserwirt on the main piste, which leads back to St Anton. This restaurant is approximately 200 metres above St Anton, providing a magnificent view of the beautiful scenery. Not only does Griabli supply excellent food and service in the evening, but also at lunchtime. Griabli also has a marvelous selection of champagne and other alcoholic drinks. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, as is the service.

Another excellent restaurant which we’d recommend, is Base Camp. The reason being is that Base Camp supply delicious food and is a brilliant restaurant to take the kids. The pasta dishes are particularly popular and suit most kids’ tastes. The restaurant is located at the bottom of the main slopes, which can come in handy when taking the little ones from ski school. Base Camp is known for its delicious home cooked food and their excellent menu of drinks including glüwein and rum hot chocolate, which is a nice treat for mum and dad.

Also, if you’re exploring the resort and you’ve decided to visit the St Anton Ski & Local Heritage museum, why not grab a bite to eat at the museum restaurant? It’s located in the same building and is certainly worth the visit. There is a friendly setting which makes the guests feel at home and the food is first class. The service at the restaurant is excellent, and the food is presented attractively.

Sennhütte restaurant Pasta dish

Photo Credit: Sennhütte Restaurant in St Anton

Another fantastic restaurant, which offers wholesome food and a superb atmosphere inside and outside is the Sennhütte. Your visit at this restaurant will be one to remember, especially if you enjoy traditional Austrian apés ski and drinking large glasses of beer!