Parents can rest assured this season that their children will be safe on the ski lifts of St Anton following the introduction of a child-safe 6-man chair lift. Legislation which restricts children under 1.25m to riding a ski lift with a 1:1 adult to child ratio has long posed a problem for large families and ski schools. The creator of this new lift, Doppelmayr, has solved this dilemma in St Anton with the new Tanzböden chairlift, which replaces the identically named T-Bar on Galzig.


The detachable 6-man high speed chairlift, each with a protective cover, is a pioneering innovation due to its automatic childproof lock. The chair automatically opens and closes, so no strong armsare need to heave open the safety bar and lids, and there’s also an locking system preventing it being lifted up mid-ride. There are non-slip seats and the whole system is closely monitored.


The 700m long lift has been transporting up to 2000 people per hour up to Galzing since the beginning of the season and is proving a great success.


Image courtesy of on Flickr